Hybrid Workshop Series

Patent Searching for Early Stage Deep-Tech Startups

Join us for our first hybrid event with Outset’s resident IP Advisor and Jedi Knight Tim Stirrup who will be leading a two-episode workshop in the Jedi Council meeting room (Boardroom, Level 3) at Outset.
The workshops will be a combination of interactive seminar (~30mins) and guided learning using open-source patent search databases (~30mins), plus Q&A.

There is no prior knowledge required.  Fundamentals of the patent system will be outlined.

Learning objectives

After completing this course, attendees will:

  1. Understand what patents are and how to access information about them
  2. Appreciate the benefits of reviewing patents for technical concept research
  3. Understand when to carry out a search, which type of search is appropriate and when to contact an IP professional
  4. Prepare a search strategy which efficiently captures the patents relevant to an area of research
  5. Complete a search using open-source patent databases and evaluate the search results.
  6. Analyse patent data to gain insights into competitor strategy and technology trends

Session 1

  • Intro to patents and key criteria for grant (novelty, inventive step and written description)
  • Review of different search types and reasons for patent searching
  • Directed learning doing patent searching using online open-source databases
  • Round-up including when to speak to a patent attorney, risks and limitations of searching.

Session 2 + 1hr informal mentoring session

  • Explanation of
    • patent novelty,
    • the issues with public disclosure, and
    • structure of patent specifications and how to read them
  • directed learning using online open-source databases – advanced search strategies and patent analytics for particular companies or areas of technology
  • Post-session informal mentoring – Up to 1-hour post-session informal mentoring session to answer any questions arising from the workshops.

Please note; In-person attendance is capped at max 25 people, so get in fast! Please only register for in-person attendance if you are able to attend. 

Register here for Part one (On-site Attendance) : 26th July

Register Here For Part One (Virtual Attendance): 26th July

Register Here For Part Two (On-site Attendance): 2nd August

Register Here For Part Two (Virtual Attendance): 2nd August