Venture Essentials Workshop Series

Intellectual Property for Deep Tech Startups

Earlier this month, Outset Ventures hosted its subsequent workshop in the ‘Venture Essentials workshop Series’ called Intellectual Property for Deep Tech Startups.

This dynamic workshop series brings together industry experts and experienced founders to give you a thorough breakdown of essential topics related to science and engineering ventures.

The workshop was co-presented by Dr. Will Barker (CEO and founder of Mint Innovation) and Jonathan Lucas (Partner at James & Wells).

This extensive 90-minute virtual workshop was specifically designed for the needs of early-stage science/engineering start-ups and entrepreneurs and covered the topics below.

  • What is IP?
  • Trade secrets
  • Patents
  • Patent searching
  • Patent application process
  • Example of patent
  • Novelty
  • Inventive step
  • Ownership of IP
  • FTO

About the Presenters

Dr. Will Barker

Founder and CEO of Mint Innovation. Will is passionate about commercialising new technologies through securing IP, capital-raising, and building high-performance teams. Originally an organic chemist (Ph.D. from Leicester University in the UK), Will has broad experience spanning the deep-tech ecosystem from founder to investor, from patent attorney to commercial ops. Over the last 15 years, Will has had the pleasure of working with some of New Zealand’s most innovative deep tech and “good for the world” cleantech companies.

Jonathan Lucas

Partner at James & Wells, New Zealand’s largest independent firm of intellectual property (IP) lawyers and patent attorneys. Jonathan provides strategic advice to many local and multinational companies on all aspects of intellectual property, particularly specialising in patents. His strong academic background in physics has formed the basis for his expertise across the medical technology, mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, and software industries.

Stay tuned for more workshops in the Venture Essentials series in 2022!


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