TVNZ Feature – How deep tech could revolutionise our economy

Is the Future of Technology in New Zealand?

We believe it is! Recently, Outset Ventures was featured in a compelling episode of “Sunday” and an insightful article by Tania Page. Both pieces highlighted the transformative potential of deep tech innovations being developed right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. From renewable energy solutions and anti-doping technologies to revolutionary food production methods, these projects embody the spirit of innovation that could potentially propel our economy into the future. And Outset Ventures is here for it!

The Sunday Episode: A Showcase of Homegrown Innovation

The TVNZ Sunday segment, led by Tania Page and produced by Kate McCallum, explored a world of far-reaching ideas where deep tech serves as the backbone. Featuring the groundbreaking technology of Daisy Labs, alongside other deep tech disrupters.

Outset Ventures’ Chair, Dr. Sean Simpson, provided invaluable insights into the deep tech landscape in New Zealand. Dr. Simpson, a pivotal figure in the biotech sector, is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of LanzaTech, a company renowned for its revolutionary approach to manufacturing sustainable fuels and chemicals.

Since its inception in 2005, LanzaTech has transitioned from a New Zealand-based startup to a global leader in the clean tech industry, now headquartered in the United States. It is also integral to our wider Outset family, and was the foundational company at the Outset Campus, embodying the pioneering spirit and collaborative environment that define our community.

Under Dr. Simpson’s leadership, LanzaTech has achieved significant milestones, including the spin-off of LanzaJet to produce sustainable aviation fuel. The impact of his work is underscored by over $500 million raised in investment and the establishment of a robust intellectual property portfolio with more than 200 patents. His contributions to science and technology have been recognised with several awards, such as the 2015 US EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Award and the 2014 New Zealand Innovator of the Year Award.

Additionally, Dr. Simpson serves on the boards of Avertana, Mint Innovation and Nilo, start-ups that are also making significant strides in their respective fields. His extensive experience and active engagement in guiding new technologies from conception to market are instrumental in driving forward New Zealand’s deep tech ambitions.

Dr. Sean Simpson has also contributed to shaping national research priorities as a member of the Government Investment in Ventures and Technology (GIVT) panel, which plays a critical role in recommending future pathways for innovation.

Watch the episode below to learn more about Outset, and one of our investment portfolio companies, Daisy Lab

Reflections on Tania Page’s One News Article

Tania Page’s article, “How deep tech could revolutionise our economy – at a price,” provided a detailed exploration of the high costs and significant risks associated with pioneering deep tech ventures. Emphasising that while the potential to disrupt standard industrial methods is immense, the path to such innovation is fraught with challenges. These include substantial financial requirements and the need for a steady hand to manage inevitable setbacks. (Hang on, did someone just quote Outset’s About Us page?)

Outset Ventures’ Role in Nurturing Innovation

As an integral part of this innovative ecosystem, Outset Ventures is more than just a funding entity. We are a hub for nurturing the seeds of tomorrow’s technology. By investing in and supporting companies like Daisy Lab, we help pave the way for technologies that could redefine industry norms and economic structures. Daisy Lab’s work in developing cow-free milk powder through precision fermentation is just one example of how these efforts can lead to sustainable and impactful innovations.

Daisy Lab; a prime example of Sustainable Deep Tech

Daisy Lab has emerged as a standout example of how precision fermentation technology can significantly shift traditional agricultural methods. Based in the heart of the Outset Campus, Daisy Lab is at the forefront of synthesising dairy milk powder without cows, an initiative that reflects the potential and the high stakes of deep tech development. Their innovative process leverages genetically modified microorganisms to produce milk proteins, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional dairy farming.

This approach could radically reduce the environmental impacts associated with large-scale dairy operations, notably land and water use while maintaining production capabilities. While their groundbreaking work continues to develop within the confines of regulatory frameworks, Daisy Lab’s broader goal is to commercialise their technology, potentially revolutionising dairy production globally.

For a deeper dive into Daisy Lab’s technology and its implications for the dairy industry,  listen to our “From the Outset” podcast on Daisy Lab. You can listen to this insightful discussion at Revolutionising Dairy: The Future Unveiled by Daisy Lab, where the complexities and potential of precision fermentation are unpacked in greater detail.

Read the full One News Article HERE

Daisy Lab Image by Melissa Grey from DMG Digital Advertising for Outset Ventures

The Economic and Regulatory Landscape

Both the Sunday episode and the 1 News article bring to light the economic implications of deep tech, suggesting that while the upfront costs are high, the long-term benefits could be transformative for New Zealand’s economy. However, as these technologies develop, so too must the regulatory frameworks that support them. The government’s willingness to update and adapt these regulations will be crucial in ensuring that these innovations not only reach the market but do so in a way that upholds ethical standards and public trust.

Embracing the Challenges and Opportunities

The journey of integrating deep tech into our economic and social infrastructures is not straightforward. It requires balancing the excitement of innovation with the practicalities of implementation, including financial viability, regulatory compliance, and ethical considerations.

Outset Ventures leads the charge in nurturing deep tech startups, through venture capital funding, lab space, guidance, a like-minded community, and industry contacts. We are passionate about the support we lend in shaping the future of technology and innovation in New Zealand.

To explore more about Outset Ventures and the groundbreaking projects we support, visit our Community Page For a closer look at the innovations featured in the Sunday episode, visit 1News.

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