The Outset Ventures space
brings futuristic ideas to life.

Our spaces are flexible and on start-up-friendly terms, with permitting that allows for both garden variety and exotic research and development to take place. And like a hermit crab, we aim to let you alter your occupancy as necessary.

We host laboratories of all flavours, containment facilities, hardware workshops, offices, meetings rooms, and event spaces.

The Outset site also has a laboratory goods store, forklifts, and some specialised equipment like a vibration table and thermal chamber.

Being a resident within the Outset Space includes:

Private laboratory or workshop spaces
Your space is do with whatever you need to build your business. Our private spaces are access controlled and come with all the basics; 3-phase power, compressed air lines, water and drainage, and multiple options for internet access (including the super-data-intensive lines used by Universities).

Start-up-friendly terms
Lease terms can be as flexible as you are, from a fixed five-year commitment to a month-to-month arrangement. Our prices differ slightly from space to space as they are all unique, but are priced with start-ups in mind.

A community of changemakers
The Outset community is a curated mix of seasoned founders, technical experts, and bright young minds. We have 20+ science- and engineering-based companies on site with about 180 people working across them. Whatever your battle, chances are that someone on site has solved it — just ask around the coffee machine.

All the basics covered
We have everything you can expect from a co-working space. Bike racks and car parks, showers, community spaces, lunchrooms, a dozen meeting rooms, phone booth rooms, and function spaces. We just want you to focus on building your venture, we’ll worry about all this other stuff.

Exclusive events and workshops
We keep our community connected and informed through our on-site events, which include monthly Founders Breakfasts, educational workshops hosted by external experts, invite-only investor dinners, and our Social Club for the really fun stuff.


How much does it cost to be a resident?

Our prices differ slightly from space to space as they are all unique. For example, use of our certified containment labs come at a slightly higher cost that our minimalist workshops. But all our spaces are priced with start-ups in mind. Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll find the right space for you.

Can I make changes to my space?

Our spaces can be very flexible – walls coming down or going up are regular occurrences on site. Whatever you need to do to grow your business can probably be accommodated, whether you’re breeding insects or building robots or modifying genes.

What else do you have that I can use?

Outset has several shared facilities and pieces of equipment, like fridges and freezers, a vibration table, a forklift, a thermal chamber, and several fume hoods. We also have a lab goods store on site (which is usually faster and cheaper than ordering goods yourself). As you get to know the other residents on site, you might also be able to make use of their equipment if you ask nicely.

How big or small are your spaces?

Outset stretches across 5,000 square meters of space within Future House, so you have some options. We can accommodate spaces of about 30 square meters, to areas around 500 square meters. We also have some shared laboratories and workshops, and shared offices spaces.