We support and invest in visionary founders with pioneering technologies that are creating the future industries of tomorrow, today.

Looking to raise capital?

We are an early-stage investor (pre-seed, seed, series A) that leads investment rounds between $100k and $3m.

We invest in science and enginneering based technology solutions in energy, advanced materials, aerospace, future food, advanced materials, industrial chemistry, medtech and biotech that have global relevance.

We look for complex technological solutions that will be hard for others to replicate, and which address global problems.


What's the process like?

To prepare for a meeting with Outset, create a slide deck that will help us understand your idea. This is the perfect opportunity to outline the problem you are tackling, your solution and what makes it unique, who your target market is, and who your competition is and why your solution is better. And don’t forget to tell us about your amazing team!

Is venture capital right for me?

Not every entrepeneurial business should raise venture capital money. The nature of venture capital funding means it is best suited for companies that can transform existing, or create new large markets, and on an accelerated timeline. So, if we decide not to invest in your company, don’t let that discourage you – there may be other ways we can assist (networks, facilities, etc).

Need a place to call home?


Outset has affordable and flexible space for big ideas to develop, with permitting that allows for both garden variety and exotic R&D to take place. And like a hermit crab, we aim to let you alter your occupancy as necessary.


Outset is home to the largest private community of deep technology focused founders, tech experts, and investors in the country. Whatever your battle, chances are someone can lend advice based on first-hand experience — just ask around the coffee machine.

As founders ourselves, we understand the challenges involved in building a deep tech company from scratch.


Talk to us today about your vision and how we can help.