Delve into the visionary journey of Anvil Bañez, co-founder of Dennisson Technologies, as he shares exclusive insights into the innovation and vision driving the development of AURAFLEX technology in this captivating podcast interview.

From the Outset: An Interview with Anvil Bañez from Dennisson Technologies

by From The Outset | Melissa Grey

Dennisson Technologies and Outset Ventues

Auraflex Artificial Muscle - Delivering motion in a slimmer Package

In this Two Part article, Discover the transformative journey of Dennisson Technologies and their revolutionary AURAFLEX technology, set to redefine wearable mobility solutions and revolutionise human-machine interaction.


Auraflex Prototype Dennisson From the Outset

AURAFLEX Artificial Muscle

In a world increasingly fascinated by the intertwining of digital realms and physical existence, one company stands out for its groundbreaking contributions: Dennisson Technologies. Pioneering in the development of AURAFLEX, an artificial muscle technology, Dennisson Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing not just how humans interact with machines, but how those machines can enhance human capability. 

The inspiration behind this technology is the natural efficiency, silence, and flexibility of human muscles. Promising to usher in a new era of wearable devices and soft robotics. This sets the stage for innovations that were once relegated to the realm of science fiction.

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This includes mentorship, strategic guidance, and an expansive network. Our aim is to propel portfolio companies like Dennisson Technologies toward achieving their vision.

As we delve deeper into the story of Dennisson Technologies, we uncover not just the technical marvels of AURAFLEX but also the human passion, innovation, and visionary foresight driving this transformation.

The Genesis of Dennisson Technologies

Dennisson Technologies’ story goes beyond mere innovation; it’s a journey driven by personal stories and deep passion. Their bold mission seeks to challenge and expand the limits of human capabilities.

During the global pause of 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Anvil Bañez found a moment for deep reflection. While serving in the Air Force, he began laying the groundwork for what would soon become Dennisson Technologies

A Personal Mission Fuels a Visionary Pursuit

Dennisson Technologies was founded on a deeply personal challenge: mobility impairment. Anvil Bañez, influenced by his father Dennis who lived with polio’s effects since childhood, knew these struggles first-hand. Experiencing firsthand the physical and emotional tolls of such impairments, Anvil was moved to devise a solution. This solution aimed to not only improve mobility but also restore a sense of freedom and possibility.

This pursuit of a deeply personal mission led Anvil to dedicate his fourth-year engineering project at the University of Waikato to the development of exoskeletons, setting a preliminary stage for Dennisson Technologies. 

The quiet time provided by the lockdowns made Anvil think bigger than just a basic model. He embraced a motto: “it must serve people, helping them in their lives.”  Moved by this vision, Anvil and Kim came together to establish Dennisson Technologies. This venture, a tribute to Anvil’s father, represents their united effort and commitment to a mission that benefits others.

Cultivating Innovation Through Partnership

The story of Dennisson Technologies is intertwined with Anvil and Kimberly Bañez’s partnership, blending their personal and professional paths. Meeting during their university years, they forged a bond that would become the bedrock of Dennisson Technologies. Kimberly, with her expertise in chemical and process engineering, particularly in advanced materials, complemented Anvil’s mechanical engineering prowess.

Initially, Kimberly was pursuing her own entrepreneurial projects. However, she soon recognised the significant impact they could achieve together at Dennisson Technologies, leading her to join Anvil as a co-founder.

This partnership underscores the confluence of vision, expertise, and personal dedication that defines Dennisson Technologies. It’s a testament to the power of shared dreams and the belief that technology, at its best, serves to elevate human capability and connect us more deeply with one another. 

Throughout their journey, Anvil and Kimberly Bañez have dedicated themselves to developing cutting-edge technologies. Alongside this, they’ve woven a powerful story of hope, determination, and the power of technology designed with humans in mind.

Dennisson Labs Co Founders Anvil and Kimberly Banez
Dennisson Team and Prototype
Dennisson Team at Outset

The Technology: AURAFLEX Artificial Muscle


In the heart of Dennisson Technologies’ innovation lies AURAFLEX, a groundbreaking venture into the realm of artificial muscles.Inspired by the goal of imitating human muscle functions, AURAFLEX is made from smart materials that contract and move when exposed to light. This unique approach to creating movement represents a significant leap forward, blending the lines between the organic and the engineered.

AURAFLEX distinguishes itself through several key features. Its flexibility is unparalleled, allowing for a range of motion that was previously difficult to achieve with conventional materials. Operating almost in silence, AURAFLEX eschews the need for noisy mechanical parts, making it an ideal candidate for applications where noise reduction is paramount. Additionally, its lightweight design ensures that it can be integrated into various devices without compromising their form factor or usability.


The brilliance of AURAFLEX lies in its simplicity and its biomimicry. By absorbing light, the smart materials within AURAFLEX contract in a manner that is reminiscent of how human muscles respond to neural signals. This innovative use of light as a trigger for movement opens up new possibilities in the design and function of both wearable devices and larger mechanical systems.

The applications for AURAFLEX are as diverse as they are revolutionary. In the field of soft robotics, AURAFLEX can bring about a new generation of machines that move with the grace and fluidity of living beings, enhancing their ability to interact with the world around them in a more natural and intuitive way. For wearable technology, AURAFLEX promises devices that not only fit more comfortably on the user’s body but also respond to their movements in real-time, offering support or resistance as needed.

This technology’s development journey showcases Dennisson Technologies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, driven by a deep understanding of the challenges and limitations of current technology. As we continue to explore the potential of AURAFLEX, it’s clear that its impact will extend far beyond the initial applications, offering glimpses into a future where technology seamlessly enhances and extends our natural capabilities.

From Concept to Reality: The Journey of Dennisson Technologies

In the fabric of Dennisson Technologies’ story, the amalgamation of Anvil and Kimberly Bañez’s expertise forms a compelling narrative of innovation and determination. Their journey from individual pursuits in mechanical and chemical engineering to the united front behind AURAFLEX underscores a partnership that defies the typical boundaries of tech entrepreneurship.

Synergy of Minds: The Birth of AURAFLEX

Emerging amidst a period of global introspection, the idea for AURAFLEX was less about the convergence of two professional paths and more about the fusion of a shared vision for meaningful technological advancement. Anvil’s drive, rooted in personal experience and a desire to see technology serve more profound human needs, found its match in Kimberly’s scientific acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. This partnership was not just fortuitous but essential, as their combined strengths addressed the multifaceted challenges of creating something as innovative as AURAFLEX.



The journey from concept to tangible technology was fueled by more than just the founders’ technical skills; it was their shared commitment to a technology that could seamlessly integrate into users’ lives, enhancing human capabilities without intrusion. The development of AURAFLEX, with its light-responsive, smart material technology, represents this ethos, aiming to provide a natural extension of the human body’s own abilities.

Key Milestones and Turning Points

Critical to the narrative of Dennisson Technologies is the series of milestones and insights that propelled AURAFLEX from an intriguing idea to a viable technological solution. Each challenge faced and overcome by Anvil and Kimberly didn’t just mark a step forward in product development but also solidified their resolve and belief in the technology’s potential to make a significant impact.

These milestones weren’t merely technical achievements but moments of realization about the broader implications of their work. The journey of AURAFLEX is a testament to the power of innovation driven by a clear vision and the relentless pursuit of a goal that extends beyond the confines of traditional technology development, aiming to create solutions that are as humane as they are revolutionary.

AURAFLEX R&D and Prototyping

Navigating the R&D Maze

The path from conceptualizing AURAFLEX to developing a tangible prototype involved navigating a labyrinth of technical challenges. Initial efforts were met with the daunting task of translating the unique properties of smart materials into a functional and user-friendly product. The AURAFLEX glove prototype, aimed at demonstrating the technology’s adaptability and potential, was the focus of these efforts. It required a delicate balance of material science, mechanical engineering, and user-centric design principles.

One of the significant breakthroughs in this process was achieving the desired level of responsiveness and flexibility in the glove, allowing for a natural and intuitive user experience. This was not just a triumph of engineering but a validation of the foundational principles behind AURAFLEX — creating technology that enhances human capabilities in a seamless and non-intrusive manner.

Refining Innovation: A Cycle of Feedback and Improvement

The development trajectory of the AURAFLEX glove embodies a rigorous and iterative engineering process. Starting from a groundbreaking idea, Dennisson Technologies embarked on a meticulous journey to transform AURAFLEX from a promising technology into a tangible, functional prototype. This iterative cycle of design, prototyping, testing, and receiving feedback was pivotal in refining the product to meet and surpass the high standards set by both the creators and the anticipated users.

At each stage of development, the team faced various challenges — from ensuring the product’s durability to optimising its flexibility and responsiveness. These hurdles were not seen as setbacks but as invaluable opportunities for growth and enhancement. The team’s approach to tackling these issues was methodical and driven by a deep commitment to delivering a superior user experience. Leveraging feedback from each testing phase, Dennisson Technologies was able to incrementally improve the AURAFLEX glove, making critical adjustments that enhanced its overall performance and user compatibility.

The creation of the AURAFLEX glove prototype is a testament to Dennisson Technologies’ resilient and innovative ethos.

Auraflex Applications and Impact

Revolutionizing Wearable Tech

The launch of AURAFLEX marks a promising evolution in wearable technology. With its unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness, AURAFLEX is poised to redefine wearable devices, offering not just enhancements in comfort but in functionality as well. From assistive mobility devices that promise more natural, seamless movement to dynamically fitting garments that adjust to the wearer’s body and movement, the possibilities are vast.

Illustrative of its transformative potential, AURAFLEX-powered devices have the ability to significantly impact users’ mobility and overall quality of life. In healthcare, for instance, wearable devices utilizing AURAFLEX technology could offer novel solutions for individuals requiring rehabilitation or physical support, potentially redefining patient care and recovery processes.

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Transforming the VR Experience

In the realm of virtual reality (VR), AURAFLEX holds the potential to bridge the longstanding gap between digital and physical experiences. The development of force feedback haptic gloves, for example, could enhance user immersion by allowing tangible interaction with digital environments. Such innovations could significantly enrich VR applications, from gaming to professional training simulators, by providing users with a more intuitive and engaging interface.

Looking forward, the integration of AURAFLEX within VR technologies could usher in a new era of gaming experiences and virtual tactile interactions. These advancements promise not only to enhance entertainment but also to expand the utility of VR in educational, therapeutic, and remote work applications, offering users a level of interactivity previously unattainable.

A Broader Vision: Beyond VR and Wearables

The application of AURAFLEX extends beyond wearables and VR into the burgeoning field of soft robotics. By enabling the creation of robots with lifelike movements and efficiency, AURAFLEX technology could revolutionize how robotic systems are designed and utilized across various sectors. In healthcare, soft robotics equipped with AURAFLEX could provide gentle and precise assistance in surgeries or care routines, offering an extra layer of support where the human touch is crucial.

The potential for AURAFLEX to improve quality of life extends to everyday assistance for individuals with mobility challenges, signaling a significant leap forward in assistive technology. By integrating AURAFLEX into devices and systems that aid mobility, Dennisson Technologies could contribute profoundly to making independence and ease of movement more accessible for many.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

As Dennisson Technologies navigates the journey of bringing AURAFLEX to market, several challenges lie ahead, including scaling production and ensuring the technology’s adaptability across a broad range of applications. Despite these hurdles, the opportunities for growth and innovation are immense. The future potential of AURAFLEX to penetrate new markets and inspire novel applications highlights an exciting horizon for Dennisson Technologies and the industries it aims to transform.

As we reflect on the journey of AURAFLEX from concept to impending reality, it’s clear that Dennisson Technologies is not just developing a new product but is at the forefront of creating a technological paradigm shift. The breadth of AURAFLEX’s applications underscores the potential for smart materials to enhance our interaction with technology, promising a future where devices are not only more intuitive and responsive but also more integrated into the fabric of human experience.

The Synergy Unveiled: Outset Ventures and Dennisson Technologies

Join us in Part Two as we uncover how the synergy between Outset Ventures and Dennisson Technologies is shaping the future of human-machine interaction.

Outset, Home of Deep Tech Investment

Supporting Innovation: Outset Ventures and Dennisson

In Part Two, we dive into the dynamic collaboration between Outset Ventures and Dennisson Technologies, illuminating the pivotal role of venture support in propelling tech startups to unprecedented heights. From strategic guidance to financial backing, Outset Ventures serves as a cornerstone in nurturing innovation and fostering growth. Join us on this journey as we explore how the visionary leadership of Anvil and Kimberly Bañez, combined with the transformative potential of AURAFLEX technology, shapes the future of human-machine interaction. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the revolution—read Part Two now to discover how you can contribute to reshaping the technological landscape and enhancing human capabilities.

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