Empowering Innovation: Outset Ventures and Dennisson Technologies

Delve into the visionary journey of Anvil Bañez, co-founder of Dennisson Technologies, as he shares exclusive insights into the innovation and vision driving the development of AURAFLEX technology in this captivating podcast interview.

From the Outset: An Interview with Anvil Bañez from Dennisson Technologies

by From The Outset | Melissa Grey

Dennisson Technologies and Outset Ventues

Auraflex Artificial Muscle - Delivering motion in a slimmer Package

In this Two Part article, Discover the transformative journey of Dennisson Technologies and their revolutionary AURAFLEX technology, set to redefine wearable mobility solutions and revolutionise human-machine interaction.


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Supporting Innovation: Outset Ventures and Dennisson

The partnership between Outset Ventures and Dennisson Technologies exemplifies the pivotal role that venture support can play in the lifecycle of a tech startup. This collaborative relationship underscores not only the financial aspects but also the strategic and developmental guidance that venture firms provide to burgeoning companies.

Nurturing Innovation Through Collaboration

With our keen eye for disruptive technologies and potential market leaders, Outset Ventures has been instrumental in Dennisson Technologies’ growth from an ambitious concept to a trailblazer in wearable and soft robotics technology. This partnership goes beyond mere capital investment; it’s a testament to the belief in the transformative potential of AURAFLEX and its applications.

Facilitating a Journey of Growth

The role of Outset Ventures in Dennisson Technologies’ evolution has been multifaceted, encompassing residency, financial support, strategic planning, and access to a network of industry experts and potential partners. This comprehensive support system has enabled Dennisson Technologies to navigate the complex terrain of product development, market-entry, and scale-up challenges with greater confidence and clarity.

Outset is driven to foster an environment where innovation flourishes, underpinning Dennisson Technologies’ commitment to excellence and their pursuit of solutions that enhance human capabilities. By providing both the financial runway and strategic insights necessary for overcoming early-stage hurdles, Outset Ventures prides ourselves in supporting Dennisson Technologies to succeed in a competitive landscape.

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Anvil CEO of Dennisson
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Invest in the Future: Support Dennisson Technologies

Join us in shaping the future of technology and human-machine interaction by investing in Dennisson Technologies.

Partner with Innovation: Invest in Dennisson Technologies

Experience the future of technology investment with Dennisson Technologies. Explore opportunities with Outset Ventures.

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AURAFLEX: Dennisson's Leap in Wearable Tech

If you missed part one, read here about AURAFLEX: Dennisson’s Leap in Wearable Tech, where we explore the genesis of Dennisson Technologies, the birth of AURAFLEX, and the partnership that drives innovation forward.

Dennisson Technologies team at Outset

AURAFLEX: Dennisson Leap in Wearable Tech

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